Jaguar Outdoor 60Ghz



JW-PTP6030/6150 outdoor 60GHz PTP/PTMP provides a reliable solution for
long-distance wireless networking. It has the advantages of low cost, easy installation, high bandwidth, stable transmission and anti-interference. It can adapt to various complex environments and provide you with safe and stable transmission experience, and it is very cost-effective. Industrial-grade performance, low latency, high link throughput and security are combined to support various short haul connections, network expansion and backhaul applications.

Product Highlights

 Wireless speed up to 1.5Gbps at 300m (PTP6030) and 1Gbps at 1300m (PTP6150)
 Phased-array radio and beam-steering algorithm for improved gain and directionality
 High-speed point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) data transmission
 2.5Gbps Ethernet port and gigabit PoE-in support (IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at)
 IP67 waterproof enclosure
 Centralized management system through Web UI management

Product Features

  • Less Crowded, Unlicensed Band
    The unlicensed 60GHz band has the capability of anti-interference, as it is less crowded in the 60GHz band, it’s easier to deploy a stable wireless transmission, so you can use it easily and safely.
  • Industrial Grade Design, Weather Resistant
    The back plate of the shell adopts the perfect combination of metal and plastic, which ensures that the equipment is both strong in metal and light in plastic. IP67 protection level, port lightning protection (6kV), ESD / EMP (15kV), can resist to various outdoor environments and harsh climate.
  • Beam-forming technology
    Phased-array radio and beam-steering algorithm for improved gain and directionality, the wireless transmission performance is greatly improved, and the beam is narrowed to ensure the security of the link.

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